Piccolo Paradiso

Piccolo Paradiso

let the age hang itself!  we’ve had
four marvelous days together
       no news reports        only music
               & no serious discussions

plenty of wine        the best
from the islands
        falerno &  ischian
            & lacrima cristi
                                   we’ve made up
                              for months
                 of loneliness
                     hard work
                            of ‘superiors’

             we may not live
         very well or long
our mistakes are perhaps too great
       to bear correction
          at this midpoint
     of our lives (you’re somewhat younger)
                         surely too great
to make up for the lengths we go
           to hide them

                                    e cosi…that’s
                                             how it goes 

                      but at least
                      we’re ahead of the game

                  we’ve stolen a march
                       on the dead       the herd 

if the return to grayness
sharp tempered weapons
of those who force life
into corners
       is more than we can bear
       remember this
           the wine
               the ladder
                    of stars that climb
                        vesuvius outside
                            my window
                         the waves
                           banging into smooth
                                tufa caves 

& the opera
              as we lay together

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