Harold Norse Of Course on CD and Gatefold Coloured Double Vinyl


“Anyone who has read Memoirs of a Bastard Angel is aware that Harold Norse was a very perceptive individual. Intuitive. Sensitive to atmospheres and moods. That remarkable (and incredibly fast-paced) autobiography is rife with instances displaying his keen sense of ‘just knowing’ what someone, or some place or scene, was really all about. Yet Harold’s finely-tuned instinct for seeing things as they were was far from limited to the present. As I discovered for myself in late 1984, six years after he and I had first met and spent time together, in Amsterdam and afterwards Barcelona. This second encounter was at the seventh annual One World Poetry festival, for which I had sponsored Harold and where we both performed. I then offered to put Harold up, so he could stay in Holland a while longer and additionally do a reading at Ins & Outs Press.”

-excerpt taken from Eddie Woods’ introduction to Harold Norse Of Course…

Harold Norse Of Course…was originally released on cassette tape in 1984 by Ins & Outs Press. Eddie Woods and Tate Swindell are now releasing it on digital download and deluxe double colored vinyl.

Track Listing
1. Alarm
2. Sniffing Keyholes
3. Pan Pipes of Bou Jeloud
4. To Mohammed at the Cafe’ Central
5. To Mohammed on Our Journeys
6. To Mohammed in the Hotel of the Palms
7. To Mohammed at the Height
8. I’m Not a Man
9. Invocation for Ira Cohen
10. Poem to Jack Kerouac
11. Love is a Homicidal Mania
12. Double Cross
13. In a Cafe’ Bar (translation of poem by Paul Verlaine)
14. To Reuben
15. To Byron Alfonso
16. Dreams
17. A Question of Identity
18. We Bumped Off Your Friend the Poet
19. Van Gogh’s Eyes
20. Exploding Madonnas

*The first 100 vinyl orders will receive a hand-typed Eddie Woods introduction on rice paper. Please visit Unrequited Records to order a copy.

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